Jeff Jarrett - King Of The Mountain

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Jeff Jarrett: King Of The Mountain
Founder of TNA Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett has become a legend in Pro Wrestling both inside and outside of the ring.  In this four disc set, TNA Home Video chronicles the life and story of Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain.  See it all as Jeff begins his career, talks about starting TNA Wrestling and endures a major family tragedy.  This set includes a special bonus disc with rare unreleased matches from Jeffs early days.

Complete Match List
2002: Jeff Jarrett and the first ever TNA Pay-Per-View
2002: Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall
2002: Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings
2003: Jeff Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes & The Road Warriors vs. Vince Russo, Low Ki, Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper
2003: Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles
2003: Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven
2003: Jeff Jarrett & Sting vs. Sean Waltman & AJ Styles
2003: Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles
2003: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jim Duggan
2004: Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Harris
2004: Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Raven vs. Ron Killings vs. Chris Harris
2004: Jeff Jarrett in a Gauntlet for Gold Match
2004: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy
2004: Jeff Jarrett vs. Monty Brown
2005: Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash
2005: Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino
2006: Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, & Chris Harris and James Storm vs. Rhino, Ron Killings, Brother Ray & Brother Devon
2006: Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Chris Harris & James Storm vs. Sting, AJ Styles, Ron Killings & Rhino
2006: Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner vs. Sting & Samoa Joe
2006: Jeff Jarrett vs. Christian Cage vs. Abyss vs. Ron Killings vs. Sting
2006: Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe
2006: Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting
2007: Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Rhino & Sting vs. Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, Abyss & Tomko
2008: Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle
*bonus matches include
1986: Jeff Jarretts first ever TV appearance
1986: Jeff Jarrett vs. Tony Falk
1987: Jeff Jarrett vs. Hector Guerrero  
1988: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jerry Lawler
1988: Jeff Jarrett & Bill Dundee vs. Gary Young & Cactus Jack

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Product Reviews

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Like Jarrett or not, buy this dvd
Alex Kimble (Parkersburg, WV) 1/6/2014 7:05 PM
Match compilation was the reason to buy this dvd for me. The interviews with Jarrett and others were a plus. I had to skip a few specifically talking about his wife and cancer. Don't like to hear about that stuff. Other than that, like Jarrett or not which I don't, I bought the DVD simply because the match compilation. You should do the same if you are a TNA fan.
Is this in the Brown Bag special
Jared (NC) 7/10/2011 4:29 PM
Great Dvd I Heard
Starr (Not far from Nashville, TN Home of TNA!!) 2/7/2011 10:40 PM
I have been watching Jeff since April of 1986 when he was a kid referee getting knocked out on TV and becoming the superstar he is today! He is my absolute favorite wrestler and fans who have adored him since the old CWA days in Memphis, Nashville Fairgrounds on Saturday nights, and throughout his career will love the inside look at the man behind the strut! I mistakenly loaned this dvd to my best (guy) friend and he never returned it. (after 2 years)! I am buying another copy because, yes, it is THAT good! It is heartbreaking at times when he speaks of Jill & Owen, and it funny to hear about the antics of the old Memphis wrestling days. It is a must have for the die-hard fans of old school wrestling! I am not sure why some folks have stated Jeff is "full of himself" because this DVD is exclusive to Jeff Jarrett (duh! so it will be about him!). It is a wonderful gift for friends, fans, and anyone who loves wrestling! xoxoxoxo ~*Starr*~ (twitter id @Hypers_Starr )
Jeff Jarrett is full of himself
TNA FAN (jabroni drive) 12/24/2010 5:49 PM
That is the reason I dislike Jarrett. He puts himself in the same class as Hogan, Flair, Kurt, Sting, ect. He just isn't in the class and never will be. Anyways I may buy this DVD just for the fact all the great matches on it. Wait....take great out of that previous sentence.
King of the DVDs
Stevie (UK) 7/1/2010 10:18 AM
Awesome DVD, filled with some great matches. The only thing I would have added was Jarrett vs. Roode (Sacrifice 2007)