Hulk Hogan "Fusion"

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on borrowed time
carrie (cedar grove n.j) 5/11/2013 5:29 PM
i think what is happening to tna? you are showing videos of wrestlers on the upcoming events and they are not on. that is false advertisement and is a disgrace. take for instance i bought a ticket to fly all the way to alabama because the person i wanted to see, you advertised to be there. i would protest and would want all themoney i spent, i deserve back. the company is all over the board with the talent your going to see. it does not make good business sense. i am getting sick of all this. you also gave away the fact that sting is going to lose. i believe you need new writers. there is nothing you can believe on the tna web sight. y
very cool shirt
janet (brunswick n.j.) 3/23/2013 10:32 PM
I plan on buying this when I get my paycheck. I loved this past week's show! Brooke did a wonderful job too. I have to say that It was well know if you are a true wrestling fan what was going on. First clue was going back when Taz wasen't coming out to the announce table till an hour into the show. Then you hulk said you saw something in bully and did not trust him. Next and most obvious was when they showed the members of the the clubhouse, you could by the figure of on person was without a doubt was one bully ray. I put this all together. That was I have to say I knew from the beginning what was going on. First it started wan taz came out to the announce table an hour after the show started. Then you hulk did not trust bully ray. The next clue was in the clubhouse the figure was so clear that it was bully ray. You had to put the pieces together,that's all. I think brooke did a great job last night and hulk you too. This has to come to a end. As far as shock and awe goes,It is meaningless. I will say what will cause shock an awe. Let Jeff Hardy win the title back. He will need some of the roster because the aces and eights are going to cause a distraction. It is starting to get boring now. Be gone with it. It was so evident from the start. Your going in the right direction now!! This past week,s show was fun. Brooke you did a wonderful job and so did you hulk. I put all the pieces together myself. It started when taz was coming out to the announce table an hour into the show then it was obvious when you saw the clubhouse the the figure was no dought that it was bully ray. As far as shock and awe goes. It is all meaningless and a burden to this company.I believe your on the righ
great shirt
jessie (bronx n.y) 3/13/2013 10:42 PM
I think impact should be called aces'and eight's. It was horrible and Dixie carter what are you doing to this compandy. Bully ray did not win You are only being greedy. You better pray for what you have done!! It was a huge scam and was not fair to hulk brook and jeff Hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strip the belt Bully did not deserve to win!!!!! think what you have done. it is very dissapointed. You have no heart. change what has been done or thi is going to bad for rating,s and no one is going to tune in. I will not watch your gang or wrestlers who can not stand to be on their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix the wrong and made it right. You will be very sorry.