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Don't call it just a "toy" are for kids.  "Action figures" are for those serious about collecting - and our JAKKS-Pacific action figures are 100% pure collector's bliss.  Don West has scoured the country buying up as many action figures as he possibly can to meet the demand for the holidays and stuffed an entire warehouse full of them.  Now, with the largest retail collection of JAKKS action figures that ShopTNA has ever seen, Don West plans to empty our supplies by giving you insane deals on EVERY action figure available at

Check out these JAKKStravaganza specials from Don - including a limited time only "Don's Action Figure Brown Bag"!

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Dixie Carter ShopTNA Exclusive Action Figure (Un-Autographed)
MSRP: $19.99
Price: $16.99
You Save: 15 %
Dixie Carter ShopTNA Exclusive Action Figure (Un-Autographed)